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Study of Pharmacology, which in essence is the study of drug action, introduces to the young medical students the marvel of modern therapeutics as brought out by various medicines and their dosage forms. Dept of Pharmacology takes the students through a journey which starts with the foundation of the subject including historical aspects and reaches the intricacies and complexities of systemic pharmacology. The students are sensitised to all aspects of modern pharmacological disciplines including pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidemiology. Dept of Pharmacology makes a conscious endeavour to ensure that the students learn the most important aspects related to medicines use first, using problem based learning whenever possible and recognise the potential of medicines to cause harm if not used properly.


The department enthusiastically feels that under graduate training is a wholesome process for the overall development of students to become competent medical professionals in the future.

For this, the dept carries out 300hrs of theory and practical training including seminars, tutorials and mid-term and end- term examinations for IIIrd, IVth & Vth terms, thus preparing the students for their university examination in all respects.

Research activities of the department include numerous research paper publications by the department’s faculty and also ICMR projects are being proposed by our students for the STS scholarships.


Training activities of the dept are focussed to achieve excellence in educational standards for under graduates through hands-on practical exercises in drug preparation (pharmacy), experimental pharmacology and small group teaching to facilitate complete understanding of the subject by imbibing the basic concepts related to it.

Computer aided learning is liberally utilised to explain the concepts of experimental pharmacology. To make the learning more participative, the students are encouraged to participate in student seminars held in the final term of their course. Students during their pharmacology course are encouraged to pick up pharmacology related issues through live case studies from the wards.