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Women's grievance cell

1. Sexual harassment is a serious criminal offence, which can destroy human dignity and freedom. In an effort to promote the well being of all women employees and students at the place of work or study, code of conduct has been prescribed as given in succeeding paragraphs.

2. It shall be the duty of the employer to prevent or deter the commission of any act of sexual harassment at the work place.

3. Sexual harassment will include such unwelcome sexually determined behavior by any person either individually or in association with other persons or by any person in authority whether directly or by implication such as the following:-
(a) Eve – teasing
(b) Unsavory remarks
(c) Jokes causing or likely to cause awkwardness or embarrassment
(d) Innuendos and taunts
(e) Gender based insults or sexist remarks
(f) Unwelcome sexual overtone in any manner such as over telephone (obnoxious telephone calls) and the like.
(g) Touching or brushing against any part of the body and the like.
(h) Displaying pornographic or other offensive or derogatory pictures, cartoons, pamphlets or sayings.
(i) Forcible physical touch or molestation
(j) Physical confinement against one’s will and any other act likely to violate one’s privacy.

4. Such harassment includes any act or conduct by a person in authority and belonging to one sex which denies or would deny equal opportunity in pursuit of career development or otherwise making the environment at the work place hostile or intimidating to a person belonging to the other sex, only on the ground of sex.

5. A Women’s Grievance Cell was set up in ACMS at the time of inception. The composition of the committee is as follows: –
(a) Overall in-charge : Col AK Singh (Retd) Registrar
(b) OIC – Dr. Sharmila Dudani, Prof , Dept of Pathology.
(c) Dr. Archna Rautela,Associate Prof, Dept of Pathology
(d) Dr Rachna Gulati, Associate Prof, Dept of Pathology
(e) Shaloo Choudhary, Warden, Girls Hostel
(f) Dr Deepali Bansal, Sr Resident, Psychiatry

6. Women’s Grievances Cell has the following aims:-
(a) Sensitizing, at quarterly meetings, all girl students and lady teaching and NTS regarding existence of this forum which can approached by them at any time.
(b) Any complaints put up by any of them are addressed at the earliest and suitable action recommended. Needful action is then taken by the Dean & Registrar.
(c) The committee also aims at sensitizing the boy students to ensure suitable conduct by them towards their fellow girl students and lady patients.
(d) Preparing an annual report giving an account of its activities during the previous year.
Dr. Sharmila Dudani
Dept of Pathology.
OIC ACMS Women’s Grievance Cell