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“No payment is required to be made by students to ACMS prior to a confirmation of Admission by University and physical documents verification by the college`   |   Viksit Bharat @ 2047: Voice of Youth


The Dept of Ophthalmology of this institution isawell-equipped tertiary eye care centre. It has the facilities for the latest type of microincision cataract surgery with phacoemulsification, with sub 2mm incision. Various varieties of premium IOLs including foldable hydrophobic, multifocal, toric are regularly being used. Thedept has the facilities of complete glaucoma work up including automated field analyser, OCT RNFL. Eye Banking facilities are also available. Posterior segment evaluation including facilities of fundus camera and OCT are available. All vitreoretinal surgeries and anti-VEGF injections are being carried out on regular basis.


Teaching in Ophthalmology for undergraduates and postgraduates is delivered through interactive lectures, tutorials, bed side clinics, on the job training & learning surgical skills in OT.

Ouraim is to produce graduates of medicine who have effective ophthalmological skills in healthcare delivery, and are able to treat common eye ailments.


Training is carried out for the undergraduates, postgraduatesand internees who come to the Dept of Ophthalmology for a period of 15 days in batches. They are trained in basic techniques of examination of the eye including refraction. They are taught minor procedures like foreign body removal, sac syringing, chalazia removal, subconjunctival injections. They are trained in the preoperative workup of cataract patients. Besides this they also come to the operation theatre to assist all varieties of eye surgeries. By the end of their rotation, they can diagnose and manage common eye ailments in the OPD.