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Forensic Medicine

The role of a medical practitioner while dealing withcases of injuries or ailments where some criminality was seen or suspected is dealt with under the subject of Forensic medicine and toxicology (FMT). FMT is an integral part of the medical curriculum.The teaching methodology under the banner of CBME requires 50 hours of teaching FMT in the second professionals and 75 hours in the third professionals.

Application of medical knowledge is sensitive because it is applied in deciding the issue of prosecution or non-prosecution. Legal expectations from a medical practitioner bring to him or her special duties, responsibilities and legal threats as well.

Although in the recent years the world has witnessed great advances in the medical field, much ambiguity still surrounds medicolegal issues. The department of FMT in addition to adequate staff has laboratory facilities, demo room with projector and LCD screen andanorganized museum. Museum is well organized with variety of specimens, demo models, weapons, charts and photographs to help the student for better understanding of the subject.

The object of the department is to provide each student training and skill so that they can practice medicine with pride and dignity. Lectures, small group teaching, practicals, mid-term tests, exposure to cases of clinical forensic medicine, autopsy and guest lectures go a long way not only in preparing them for university examinations but are also aimed at equipping them to deal with medicolegal challenges in their professional life.


The Dept of Physiology conducts more than 450 hours of teaching for 1st MBBS students. These teaching hours are distributed among interactive lectures, practicals, tutorials and seminars & symposia as per MCI guidelines. We have organized a guest lecture on “Clues to Healthy Sleep: Sleep on Time” by Dr HN Mallick, Professor, Dept of Physiology, AIIMS was organized by the department at ACMS, Delhi Cantt. Eleven students of 2014-15 batch were awarded distinction marks in the University exam. A team of 2 students of 2014-15 batch reached semifinals of Physiology Quiz competition organized by Lady Harding’s Medical College, New Delhi.


Training in Physiology is undertaken through various teaching methods i.e. interactive lectures, group discussions, tutorials, practical classes and quizzes on regular basis.

Open book tests apart from other methods of assessment are also conducted to assess students’ understanding on a given topic. Quiz competitions & students’ seminars which demand active participation from the students are organized after which verbal and written feedback from students is obtained to give us a true feedback.