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Forensic Medicine is a branch of medicine dealing with application of the knowledge of medicine for administration of law. It gives a broader view on the matters of law and medical jurisprudence, educating students on the role of doctor’s contribution in establishment of law in the field of medical practice, criminal acts, and hospital policies. Students are taught about the existing laws in country and their interaction with medical practice towards safe delivery of public health. The subject attempts to equip the student in dealing with legal aspects of the medical practice and management of medico-legal cases. In process of providing the knowledge of autopsy and medico-legal reporting the subject trains an MBBS student in ethical and legal practice of medicine.
We aim to produce graduates of medicine who are effective in reliably delivering ethical medical care in the community and on the other hand being responsible in helping the state in the maters of law where doctors are needed to contribute for establishment of justice.

Academics arow

Teaching in Forensic Medicine is delivered through interactive lectures, tutorials, mortuary visits and practicals. We have nearly 130 hours of teaching during 2nd professional MBBS course. Amongst the teaching hours we have 40 hours of didactic lectures, aiming our best to make the sessions interactive for the students, 60 hours of demonstrations and practical’s and 30 hours of autopsy demonstration.
We conduct rigorous training of our undergraduate students to orient and prepare them to be able to deal medico-legal cases viz (rape, injury, infanticide, homicide, poisoning etc). Students are trained to prepare various medico-legal reports which are required time to time by the courts for giving a safe judgement. The subject also trains an MBBS in the area of forensic psychiatry and psychiatric aspects of crime and criminals thus equipping students in handling those issues for better and safe medical delivery to society.
Students undergo toxicological training in getting versed with the common poisons and the scenarios of poisoning developing their ability in treatment of these poisonings.

Training arow

Students are given training in preparation of
1) Medico-legal reports
2) Estimation of age
3) Medico-legal reports in injury assessment
4) Weapon analysis report
5) Rape victim/ rape accused examination etc
By conducting visits to the autopsy centre students are trained in the concepts of conducting autopsies in various causes of deaths and are trained in autopsy report writing and further being helpful for law by being a witness to testify those reports in the court of law.
Ethical training of the students include their understanding the concepts of medical negligence and the legal actions available enabling them to be more responsible in their practice in the society.


Dr SK Sharma
Dr SK Sharma
Professor & HOD

Dr. S K SHARMA, Professor & HOD

MD (Forensic Medicine) from Maulana Azad Medical college, New Delhi (India) in 1988. Life member of Indian academy of Forensic medicine.

Associate member of the pathology / biology action of American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Council of Forensic Science Educators (COFSE )

Amongst various presentation he made the one entitled “Blood at the Scene Of death due to Hanging:  Artifact or Ante-mortem – A Case Report” in the 63rd annual scientific meeting of AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) in Chicago, Illinois was noteworthy. He is managing Editor of Journal of Forensic Medical & Toxicology, an official publication of Medico-legal Society, publishedfrom Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology of AIIMS, New Delhi.He is also an associate Editor of International Journal of Medical Toxicology & Legal Medicine published from Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology of AIIMS, New Delhi.

Dr Rajesh Kumar
Dr Rajesh Kumar
Assistant Professor

Dr Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor
Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

MBBS from MMC, Chennai (2008)

MD (Forensic Medicine) from AIIMS, New Delhi (2014)

Diploma in Hospital Management from NIHFW, New Delhi (2017)

Key Research area