Study of Pharmacology, which in essence is the study of drug action, introduces to the young medical students the marvel of modern therapeutics as brought out by various medicines and their dosage forms. Dept of Pharmacology takes the students through a journey which starts with the foundation of the subject including historical aspects and reaches the intricacies and complexities of systemic pharmacology. The students are sensitised to all aspects of modern pharmacological disciplines including pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidemiology. Dept of Pharmacology makes a conscious endeavour to ensure that the students learn the most important aspects related to medicines use first, using problem based learning whenever possible and recognise the potential of medicines to cause harm if not used properly. The teaching imparted by this dept is to build the confidence in every student to be able to justify their choice of therapeutic agent for a particular ailment based on rational pharmacological principles and scientific evidence as on date.The faculty and staff of dept of pharmacology strive to give an overall enriching and positive experience of learning to all its learners.
Dept of Pharmacology of Army College of Medical Sciences endeavours to train undergraduate medical students in rational pharmacotherapy so that they develop the competence to make correct choices while selecting medicines to treat patients suffering from various ailments. That they are able to distinguish hype and sloganeering related to drug effects from those having scientific evidence, to align their decisions and choices in tune with the national health goals and programs, appropriate as per pharmaco-epidemiological and pharmaco-economic assessments applicable to our nation.