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Gallery_2 (1)Department of ENT & Head and Neck Surgery at ACMS & BHDC is one of the most well equipped & well appointed department. Besides holding Theory & Practical classes for the undergraduates, the Department is also running a Post Graduate DNB Programme. With a dedicated ward & 30 affiliated in-patient beds, the department caters to an OPD load of approximately 250 patients a day. The department is equipped with modern endoscopy & other equipments, an audiometry lab, speech therapy facility, temporal bone dissection lab besides state of the art operative equipment. In nutshell, all infrastructures & dedicated faculty to impart the best of the education at UG & PG level is catered to by the department.
The Department at ACMS is located on the Third floor, Academic Block. The undergraduate students join the department in the sixth term, after passing their second professional exams. ENT as a subject is taught to them in the sixth and seventh semesters. After being introduced to the role of ENT in their profession as a doctor, the initial part of their teaching is focussed on understanding the basic sciences i.e. the anatomy and physiology pertaining to ear, nose and throat.
ENT being a speciality that involves both medical and surgical management of patients, every care is taken to inculcate the basic concepts of surgery including the role of sterility, operation theatre policies and the important of preoperative and postoperative care amongst the students. The theory lectures are primarily aimed at enhancing the cognitive domain of their learning. Simultaneously, the clinical posting of students is there in the wards, OPDs and operation theatre. Here, the key focus is to try and enhance the basic psychomotor and affective skills of the students. This involves making the students assist in patient examinations and minor surgical procedures.
We seek to arouse the curiosity and thirst for knowledge in our students while providing a comfortable, safe, yet disciplined environment for the young minds. We encourage the students to not only ask questions, but also to discuss the problems faced by them at every step of their budding professional life. Each student is groomed on their language skills, presentation techniques, professional etiquette and problem solving capabilities. The overall goal of the imparted training is to ensure that the student should be able to treat minor ENT ailments and should be able to recognize emergent conditions and conditions requiring referral.