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Teaching in Community Medicine is delivered through interactive lectures, tutorials, field visits to urban and rural health training centers and field visits. We have nearly 376 hours of teaching during entire MBBS course. In first year nearly 60 hours of teaching, 200 hours in second and third year and 116 hours in fourth year respectively. Amongst the teaching hours we have 148 hours of didactic lectures, trying our best to make the sessions interactive for the students, 80 hours of demonstrations and 86 hours of tutorials for the exam going batches Practical sessions of 48 hours, teach students statistics, environment, nutrition and entomology.

We conduct regular field visits of our undergraduate students to orient them to community structure, needs and factors effecting health in the community. Students interact with the family to understand various health determinants. Detailed clinic-social history along with the dietary history of the allotted family trains students to provide comprehensive health care including preventive, promotive and curative health care. It also educates on the positive and negative influences on health informing them of cultural practices and health seeking behaviours which contribute significantly to the health of individual.

Students undergo family posting, project posting and present seminars for getting trained in the subject.