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training 2Students are made to actively participate in practical sessions to apply knowledge gained in classes. They have nearly 80 hours of Histology practicals and 240 hours of demonstrations and dissections. Our Dissection Hall is State of the art dissection hall, unique in being completely odourfree due the use of Phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol is the same preservative used for vaccines, sera and cosmetics. Unlike formalin, it is non-irritant and non-carcinogenic. This is used as the preservative making the dissection hall free of pungent fumes. There are adequate number of cadavers for teaching of undergraduates. Our dissection hall boasts of a computer projection system for dissection demonstrations. Well equipped with adequate storage tanks and cooling cabinets for cadavers.

Histology Laboratory is Furnished with monocular and dissecting microscopes.

Cross Sectional Lab &Imaging Anatomy Lab has display of CT Scans and MRI films for radiological anatomy. Display gallery of MRI at different levels, along with labeled diagrammatic representation and pictures of actual cross section from ‘Visible Human’ project at same level for proper correlation .

Osteology: For demonstration to student, Articulated skeletons and individual bones are made available to each student.

Embryology Lab: displays embryology models and charts, models on genetics, and neuroanatomy charts Including models prepared in house.

Museum: displays on screen projection of more than80 important histology slides sections , comparative anatomy specimens in addition to the models , soft tissue specimens and fabricated joints.State of art museum with cross-sectional anatomy and imaging anatomy to help both students and faculty of anatomy and other specialities of medicine.